About Polygon Agro India Pvt. Ltd.

Polygon Agro India Pvt. Ltd is a totally farmers need based service providing company ,we have well equipped with soil testing laboratory managed by the highly qualified and experienced professionals along with the report based fertilizer recommendations for the particular soil samples and crop monitoring services by our agricultural experts and field officers to the farmers at field level for their satisfaction and to achieve better and quality yields by minimizing the production cost per acre.

Besides these company will provide the services to the farmers regarding marketing of the produce (Chili, Cotton etc.), state as well as central govt. schemes related to the farmers (Agriculture Insurance Scheme, Mulching, Vermi composting, Digging of farm ponds, Pond lining for water storage, Rain water harvesting technology, Gobar Gas, Solar system projects, Irrigation project etc.)

It is the brainchild of the director Mr. L.D. Patel that there should be such kind of organization that could be fully devoted to the farming community and provide services which is really needed to protect our earth and make soil healthy and fruitful so that we can contribute our enthusiasm in food security which is the really mission of our country right now, then Mr. Patel decided to put the pillar of the organization named Polygon Agro India Pvt. Ltd in the year 2014, is a totally farmers need based service providing company formed based at the village Bedia of district Khargone of MP, In the way of fulfilling the mission of our mentors now after 6 month journey we are providing services to 5000 framers and monitoring their crops for the healthy and quality production. Read More..

Technical Details

In agriculture, a soil test is the analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient and contaminated content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level. A soil test can determine fertility, or the expected growth potential of the soil which indicates nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities from excessive fertility and inhibitions from the presence of non-essential trace minerals. The test is used to mimic the function of roots to assimilate minerals. The expected rate of growth is modeled by the Law of the Maximum.
•  pH and Electrical Conductivity.
•  Major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
•  Secondary nutrients: sulfur, calcium, magnesium
•  Minor nutrients: iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum

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