About Us

Polygon Agro India Pvt. Ltd is a totally farmers need based service providing company ,we have well equipped with soil testing laboratory managed by the highly qualified and experienced professionals along with the report based fertilizer recommendations for the particular soil samples and crop monitoring services by our agricultural experts and field officers to the farmers at field level for their satisfaction and to achieve better and quality yields by minimizing the production cost per acre.

Besides these company will provide the services to the farmers regarding marketing of the produce (Chili, Cotton etc.), state as well as central govt. schemes related to the farmers (Agriculture Insurance Scheme, Mulching, Vermi composting, Digging of farm ponds, Pond lining for water storage, Rain water harvesting technology, Gobar Gas, Solar system projects, Irrigation project etc.)

It is the brainchild of the director Mr. L.D. Patel that there should be such kind of organization that could be fully devoted to the farming community and provide services which is really needed to protect our earth and make soil healthy and fruitful so that we can contribute our enthusiasm in food security which is the really mission of our country right now, then Mr. Patel decided to put the pillar of the organization named Polygon Agro India Pvt. Ltd in the year 2014, is a totally farmers need based service providing company formed based at the village Bedia of district Khargone of MP, In the way of fulfilling the mission of our mentors now after 6 month journey we are providing services to 5000 framers and monitoring their crops for the healthy and quality production.

Innovativeness And Usefullnes

This is only third organization in India which is giving complete services related to farmers and soil health and fully different to others on the terms of the way of giving services through the Masters and bachelors in agriculture field. And giving opportunities to young graduates to use their knowledge for the betterment of farmers and country.


Agricultural services/soil testing laboratories provide many research and education services that are vital to a healthy land. The staff associated with these laboratories is the developers and keepers of unbiased calibrations between soil test and plant analysis results and the fertilizer and lime recommendations provided with each soil and plant test result. Research is also done on laboratory test methods as well, and these laboratories provide a real world work opportunity for students to learn

The staff involvement in research on soil, water, plant, and animal waste testing and interaction with staff in associated agricultural disciplines must be a continuing program to identify and respond to changing analytical needs of the industry through the development and adoption of new methods and technology. Polygon laboratories enhance the level of service to the industry as well as contribute generally to the advancement in science and technology. Being in a science-based industry, the use of technology and science through research helps improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Current Status And Development

• Marketing and Awareness championing is done through daily day and night meeting with farmers in various villages of Madhya Pradesh. • The Work of Soil sample Collection and Lab Testing is on the progress simultaneously report generation and recommendation work is going smoothly. • So for 5000 Farmers are contacted and 2000 farmers are registered for Services. • Soil testing and Crop monitoring work for Season of Karif and Ravi of 2015-16 were completed successfully. • Soil sample collection and analysis for next season is going on.

Market Potential & Competitive Advantage

Inorganic chemical fertilizer application on farms increased from very low levels to relatively high levels during the two to three decades. Increased fertilizer use greatly increased food and fiber production and helped raise the standard of living for all India. It was apparent well before the rapid expansion in fertilizer use that inexpensive ways to evaluate the fertility of a soil were needed to make more accurate fertilizer recommendations. During the expansion of fertilizer use, research on soil test development received considerable attention by POLYGON AGRO. They established soil testing laboratories, with the goals of implementing the new tests and educating farmers about the value of soil testing. Also during this time, commercial soil testing companies began to assist in serving the agricultural community. Commercial labs quickly became more numerous due to the success of soil testing.
     •    First Organization to provide these types of services related to farmers.
     •    No competitors till now.
     •    Exes use of fertilizer and pesticide are spoiling soil, farmers need assistance of educated people to serve them.

Company Mission

To reduce the cost of Agri. inputs which could be helpful in optimizing the yields by sustainable agricultural practices? Our mission is to spread this concept gradually to achieve our goal.

Company Vision

To provide these services across the country.

Company Goal: We Polygon Agro are determined to:

•  Maintain sustainable growth at all levels of our operations.
•  Give the highest quality of service possible to our farmers
•  Conserve and protect the environment and all that lives within.

Company Values

•  Transparency in what we do
•  Commitment to all our clients
•  Reward for performance

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