Company Services


1. Soil Testing 
•  Agriculture Identifications
•  Suitable Crop
•  Shortage of minerals & other elements
•  Suggestion of fertilizers & Pesticides

2. Crop Monitoring
•  Suggested seeds for your land
•  Method of sowing
•  Irrigation timing and suggestion & method
•  Quantity & timing of used of fertilizers & minerals
•  Domestics’ method 

3. Information of Services for our famer’s
•  Insurance related information
•  Best technology
•  Crop loan related information and bank related documentation

4. Buyers of Crops and Market Information’s
•  Best mandies for your crops
•  Best market price of your crops
•  Best buyers details for your crops

5. Call Centre Facilities
•  Problem registration
•  Information and solution of problem related to your crop
•  Best Prevention Techniques

Our Charges For Services

These all services with soil testing cost a farmer only Rs.800/- sample excluding service tax. The theory behind the charge is very simple Rs. 800/- is avg. cost of a DAP fertilizer 50 kg bag which is extensively used by farmer and is destroying soil nutrient, so if farmer paid us a Rs 800/- cost we will ensure that we save the cost of at least 5 bag of DAP, which will reduce his cultivation expenses and simultaneously save the soil nutrient and manage his total farming.

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